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Live Oak Plumbing, Inc.

Dan Mossburg
8606 155th Rd
Live Oak, Fl 32060
Office Phone: 386-362-1767
Fax: 386-362-5989
Email: info@liveoakplumbing.com
Website:  http://liveoakplumbing.com/

Experience differentiates Live Oak Plumbing, Inc. Dan Mossburg and his staff are knowledgeable, honest, and skilled tradesmen, ready to meet the many challenges plumbing can present. With decades of personal experience in all phases of commercial and residential plumbing, customers can rely on LOP to handle any job, large or small.  Since many homeowners are putting their efforts into remodeling and updating, this past experience really pays off---you never know what you might find inside a wall or under a crawl space!

Some homeowners find it necessary to have their entire house re-piped or new sewer lines run to replace aging plumbing systems. As properly functioning plumbing is so important to the health and safety of your family, you need a plumbing contractor who understands this and can provide a professional job at a reasonable price..  Live Oak Plumbing, Inc., is that contractor. Call them at 386-362-1767 or visit them on the web at www.liveoakplumbing.com.